Ossem - American Melon - Concentrate 10ML

A fresh fruit salad composed of melon, watermelon and freshly picked mint ...

Ossem - British Berry - Concentrate 10ML

A delicious and refreshing taste of grape and blackcurrant juice.

Ossem - Japanese Peach - Concentrate 10ML

A delicious freshly squeezed peach juice, the team's favourite!

Ossem - Malaysian Mango - Concentrate 10ML

Delicious flavour of extra-fresh mango juice will seduce you and excite your taste buds at every bite.

Ossem - Jackfruit Pineapple - Concentrate 10ML

The perfect blend of jackfruit and pineapple. A very tropical juice.

Ossem - Tobacco - Butterscotch - Concentrate 10ML

This concentrate blends to perfection the authenticity of blond tobacco with the delicacy of caramel and custard vanilla.

Ossem - Tobacco - American Tobacco - Concentrate 10ML

With its unique taste that inevitably recalls the authenticity of real American tobacco !

Ossem - Royal Creamy - Concentrate 10ML

A caramel vanilla wafer combined with a crunchy, toasted batter with a hint of icing sugar for a delicious juice that can be steamed all day long.

Ossem - Supreme Creamy - Concentrate 10ML

A succulent ripe strawberry cheesecake on a base of shortbread dough, deliciously airy and creamy !