ASPIRE Nepho Tank

Nepho has a reservoir with a capacity of 4ml and works with the new Nepho resistors.

Coils ASPIRE Nepho x3

Aspire Nepho coils are mesh or Kanthal resistors with a value of 0.15 ohm or 0.5 ohm, for use between 60 and 75W.

ASPIRE Cleito Tank

The CLEITO clearomizer has a capacity of 3.5 ml and a top filling system.

ASPIRE Nautilus AIO Kit

This unobtrusive and elegant all-in-one kit has a 4.5 mL cartridge system combined with a 1000 mAh battery with integrated rechargeable battery.


1.8 ml Clearomizer with interchangeable 1.8 ohm BVC resistors.


The Aspire K2 clearomizer is a 1.8 ml reservoir.


With a height of only 108 mm, this Spryte knows how to be discreet.

Coils ASPIRE Cleito 0.4 oHm x5

Replacement resistors compatible with Cleito, Cleito Pro and Cleito Exo clearomizers. 40 to 60 watts

Coils ASPIRE Cleito 0.4 oHm SS316L x5

Replacement resistors compatible with Cleito, Cleito Pro and Cleito Exo clearomizers. 55 to 65 watts or 230°C to 280°C.

ASPIRE Cleito 120 Pro S.S

Clearomizer of 25mm diameter and 3ml capacity delivered with a 0.16ohm resistor and a brand new 0.15ohm mesh resistor.

ASPIRE Nautilus AIO POD Replacement

This cartridge holds 4.5 ml with an integrated 1.8 oHm resistor.


This is a 3ml cartridge with a 0.6ohm U-Tech Breeze resistor.

Coils ASPIRE Breeze 1/2 x5

Resistors in 0.6 ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1 ohm for nicotine salts.

ASPIRE Cobble POD Replacement x3

Cobble cartridge with integrated 1.4 oHm BVC resistor.

ASPIRE Cobble POD Color Edition

The cartridge is equipped with a 1.4 ohm nichrome resistor, which heats up automatically during aspiration.

Pyrex ASPIRE Nautilus 2S 2.6ML

Replacement Pyrex tube for Nautilus Clearomizer 2S 2.6ML.

ASPIRE Breeze 2 Kit

The Breeze 2 has a built-in 1000 mAh battery and is small in size.

Air Factory - Blue Razz - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent blend of delicious fruit and blue raspberry candies.

Air Factory - Krunch - Concentrate 30ML

A melting, vanilla and slightly sweetened dough, where a few dark chocolate chips swirl around...

Air Factory - Nilla Craze - Concentrate 30ML

With the Custard Craze, Air Factory has succeeded in creating a vanilla custard of great finesse.

Air Factory - Melon Lush 50ML

A decadent mix in which various varieties of melons are mixed together.

Air Factory - Kookie Krunch 50ML

On top of a delicious crunchy biscuit comes a creamy whipped cream...

Smoking Bull - Royal Hawk - Concentrate 10ML

The power of wild berries with a fresh mint chewing gum flavour.

Smoking Bull - Honey Woodruff - Concentrate 10ML

A classic flavour that will surprise you with its notes of honey and woodruff or fragrant...

Marshmallow Man 1 - Concentrate 30ML

A 100% marshmallow cake.  Hit of the confectionery to be vaper, super-creamy superhero, it's obviously the Marshmallow Man !

Marshmallow Man 2 - Concentrate 30ML

Marshmallow Man 2 offers sweet marshmallow notes with a delicious custard.

Marshmallow Man 3 - Concentrate 30ML

Marshmallow Man 3 combines sweet, whipped marshmallows with sweet, tangy ripe...

Ambition Mods - C-roll RDA

The C-roll RDA is a dripper with a single coil diameter of 22mm.

Hellvape Passage RDA

The result of a collaboration with the youtuber "Suck My Mod", this 24 mm diameter bottom feeder dripper is equipped with an accessible double-post tray.

Drip Tip Hellvape AG+

Drip-tip 810 made from a new material called AG +, antimicrobial and antibacterial, a small revolution!

Efest iMate R2

The Efest iMate R2 is an intelligent QC Battery Charger.

Efest iMate R4

The Efest iMate R4 is an intelligent QC Battery Charger.

Efest Slim K1

The Efest Slim K1 charger is a single battery charger, which will quickly charge it to a current of 1 Ampere and a voltage of 5V.

Tauren Solo RDA

The Tauren Solo RDA is a reconstructable sprayer with a diameter of 24 mm, single coil.

MA VAPE V-Pod Yihi

Powered by a YiHi SX260 chipset and equipped with a 1200 mAh battery, the MA VAPE V-POD kit offers an unrivalled pod vape experience.

Acevape Arjuna Kit

Resulting from a collaboration between Acevape & Arjuna CloudEngineer this hybrid mechanical mod accepts 18650/20700/21700 batteries and has a 25mm diameter.

Hohm Work 18650

Hohm Tech collaborates with Indonesia Chemistry, the LG manufacturing plant responsible for producing these batteries.

Augvape/Mass Mod - S2 Squonk

Mass Mods and Augvape have joined forces to offer you the best steaming experience.

Cloud Niners - Piñacolada - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of pineapple and coconut cream, enhanced by a hint of freshness.

Cloud Niners - Honeydew - Concentrate 30ML

Taste of yellow melon. A refreshing vapour that will remind us of summer !

Vape Flurry - Concentrate 30ML

It's a recipe that mixes the creaminess of ice cream with the sweetness of a milkshake and the crunch of cookie chunks.

Villa - Concentrate 30ML

This famous American cookie, intensely flavoured with vanilla, is accompanied by a large bowl of fresh milk for a recipe with a sweetness that will make you...

Mad Hatter - ADE - Blue - Concentrate 30ML

Enjoy a succulent blueberry drink, very fresh and sweet!

Mad Hatter - ADE - Red - Concentrate 30ML

Takes you to the tropics and offers you a taste of tropical punch, a fresh and exotic aroma !

I Love Candy Blue Raspberry - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious candy with a sparkling raspberry taste that will brighten your taste buds in an instant.

I Love Candy Rainbow - Concentrate 30ML

Mad Hatter impresses with a delicious fruity candy with a sweet cherry flavour and a tangy lemon note.

I Love Donuts Blueberry - Concentrate 30ML

A flavour of the famous American pastry so much appreciated with a subtle hint of blueberries.

I Love Cookies - Concentrate 30ML

I Love Cookies from Mad Hatter Juice is a delicious cookie mix dipped in ice milk with a hint of creamy strawberry and a drizzle of caramel.

Lolly Vape Co - Rock it - Concentrate 30ML

Rock It by Lolly Vape Co is inspired by this famous rocket-shaped fruity ice cream where the flavours of raspberry, lime and strawberry are perfectly blended.

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and a raspberry comes this perfect match.

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It On Ice - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and raspberry comes this perfect match with a touch of freshness.

Lolly Vape Co - Rock it On Ice - Concentrate 30ML

Rock It On Ice by Lolly Vape Co is inspired by this famous rocket-shaped fruity ice cream where the flavours of raspberry, lime and strawberry are perfectly blended...

Steep Vapor - Cinna Pop Deez - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent caramelized popcorn with a hint of cinnamon, a real treat !

Vandy Vape - Widowmaker RDA

The Widowmaker has three types of air circulation cap and two types of drip tip to support several modes of use. Each airflow heading will provide smooth airflow...

Vandy Vape - Apollo Box

Water resistant 900mAh battery with 20W power, ultra light and compact.

Vandy Vape - Apollo Kit 2ml

The Apollo pack is a light, compact and ultra-resistant model.

Vandy Vape - HUB POD Phiness

Certified leak-free, the HUB has an easy and innovative filling system.

Vandy Vape Swell MOD

A real e-cig Vandy Vape connected, with a waterproof chipset as a bonus!

Blitz Vigor 81W

Operating with a single 20700 or 18650 battery, the Vigor Squonk box reaches a maximum power of 81W.

Artery PAL II 2ml

The Artery PAL II is a new compact pod kit with an integrated 1000 mAh battery and two innovative coils.

Coils Artery PAL II Mesh x5

Mesh resistance 0.6ohm - 15 to 23W - Direct inhalation.

Artery PAL Stick Kit

Kit Artery PAL Stick is an AIO kit consisting of an integrated battery of 750mAh and a 1.6 ml atomizer.

SV Mi-Pod

The Mi-Pod is an innovative and compact electronic starter kit with a capacity of 2 ml E-Juice and an integrated 950mAh battery.

Artery Pal II PRO Kit 2ml

The Pod Artery PAL 2 Pro is a system integrating a 1000 mAh battery with a 6063 aluminium alloy chassis.

Smoant - Battlestar Squonk Kit

The Battlestar Squonker 200W kit includes a Battlestar Squonk + Battlestar RDA 24mm.

Coils HorizonTech Falcon King x3

M Dual 0.38ohm: Composed of bamboo fiber and two strips of mesh.

Horizon Tech - Falcon Pen Kit 2ml

Endowed with a power of 80W, this kit is composed of a tube using an 18650 battery and the Falcon King Tank.

Suorin Edge Kit

The Edge pod has two 230mAh batteries, one of which is a spare.

Suorin Edge POD Cartridge

1.5ML capacity equipped with 1.4oHm coil and leak proof.

MR Pastry - Mille Feuille - Concentrate 30ML

A vanilla cream interspersed with a puff pastry with sponge cake.

MR Pastry - Croissant - Concentrate 30ML

Discover a buttered croissant straight from your baker's oven.

Nom Nomz - Nom Bongo - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious, addictive tropical cocktail of peach, papaya and mango.