Maori - Wera - Concentrate 10ml

It's a mix of pineapple and guava with an incredible freshness.

Maori - Haka - Concentrate 10ml

A base of passion fruit, pineapple and watermelon all fresh and well.

Maori - Moko - Concentrate 10ml

An explosive, frosty mix of cactus, succulent ripe strawberries and lemon.

Maori - Faì - Concentrate 10ml

Green tea infused with hibiscus flower sublimated by notes of fresh mint.

Maya - Anoki - Concentrate 10ml

Tasty red apple married with the acidity of lemon and sublimated with a delicious refreshing cactus juice.

Maya - Kimi - Concentrate 10ml

Taste the freshness of a strawberry, a lemon and a kiwi in this elixir.

Maya - Tizu - Concentrate 10ml

Taste the freshness of a peach, lime and apricot in this elixir.

Maori - Honu - Concentrate 10ml

An ice-cold peach and a tasty lychee will refresh Maori hunters.

Maya - Luna - Concentrate 10ml

Wake up your taste buds with a delicious lemon-grapefruit diabolo cocktail combined with the sweetness of lychee.

Maori - Taïka - Concentrate 10ml

The pep of the lemon, the sweetness of the strawberry and the exoticism of the lychee for a taste of the most greedy.