I Love Candy Blue Raspberry concentré

A delicious candy with a sparkling raspberry taste that will brighten your taste buds in an instant.

I Love Candy Rainbow concentré

Mad Hatter impresses with a delicious fruity candy with a sweet cherry flavour and a tangy lemon note.

I Love Cookies concentré

I Love Cookies from Mad Hatter Juice is a delicious cookie mix dipped in ice milk with a hint of creamy strawberry and a drizzle of caramel.

I Love Donuts Blueberry concentré

A flavour of the famous American pastry so much appreciated with a subtle hint of blueberries.

I Love Taffy concentré

It is the flavour of a sweet candy with the taste of a creamy peach, an exquisite harmony of aromas.

Blue ADE concentré Mad Hatter

Enjoy a succulent blueberry drink, very fresh and sweet!

Red ADE concentré Mad Hatter

Takes you to the tropics and offers you a taste of tropical punch, a fresh and exotic aroma !