Fcukin Flava - Cream - Blue Label - Concentrate 30ML

Fcukin Flava's The Cream Series will delight fans of sweet, creamy cheesecake.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Red Label - Concentrate 30ML

A creamy, slightly caramelized banana flavour, a touch of hazelnut, the magic of great aromas.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Yellow Label - Concentrate 30ML

A rich and creamy taste, caramel butter, vanilla, brown sugar, a gourmet high-end e-liquid signed Fcukin Flava !

Fcukin Flava - Low Menthol - Fcukin Munkey - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of Melon and Sweet Mint, subtly sweetened with Bubble Gum and Green Banana.

Fcukin Flava - Yummay Guava - Concentrate 30ML

Sweet and sour taste of pink guava with a touch of refreshing menthol.

Fcukin flava - Freezy Mango - Concentrate 30ML

Green, tangy and sweet mango taste with the power of mint, a perfect balance for your taste buds.