Kilo - Moo Series - Strawberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect combination of delicious strawberries and fresh milk. A fruity and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Neapolitan Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A gourmet combination of chocolate, strawberry, and milk... a real delight.

Kilo - Moo Series - Banana Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious banana flambé mixed in fresh milk... a delicious and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Blueberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

Imagine a large bowl of milk in which succulent blueberries, both sweet and tart, are bathed.

Kilo - Classic Series - Fruit Whip - Concentrate 30ML

Pears, apples, red fruits and tropical fruits blend together in this fruit basket sublimated by a note of whipped cream !

Kilo - Classic Series - Cereal Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A bowl of fresh milk and fruity cereal topped with cream. A great classic!

Kilo - White Series - Marshmallow Crisp - Concentrate 30ML

A toasted marshmallow wrapped in crunchy, caramel-flavoured cereal.

Kilo - Sour Series - Strawberry - Concentrate 30ML

The wild strawberry in all its states. A sweet and sour strawberry on exhalation.

Kilo - Sour Series - Rainbow - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet blend of pineapple, strawberry, lemon and blue raspberries.

Kilo - Fruit Series - Dewberry Fruit - Concentrate 30ML

A honeyed flavour combined with a mix of strawberries and blueberries.

Kilo - Candy Series - Green O's - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet apple candy with a perfect balance of fruit and sweetness.