Tobacco & Honey Pirate Vape Empire Brew 50ML

Rich tobacco with hints of sweet honey that make a unique and complex flavor.

Tobacco & Vanilla Pirate Vape Empire Brew 50ML

Tobacco flavour with a hint of French vanilla that makes it very tasty.

Tangy Zest Lemonade Stand - Empire Brew

A zest of yellow lemon mixed with sweet blood orange gives a "spicy" touch to this juice.

Morning Java Coffee Choco Empire Brew

A café au lait made with espresso and hot milk with a touch of chocolate.

Morning Java Latte Empire Brew

The layers of espresso and steamed milk are blended and topped with a light layer of froth.

Apple Salacca Harmony Loco Vapempire

A sweet and tart blend of green apple. Free 2ml bottle of freshness additive.

Berry Pear Harmony Loco Vapempire

The tempting combination of red berries and juicy pear. Free 2ml bottle of Koolada additive.

Frose Rose Harmony Loco Vapempire

Soft and refreshing combination of strawberries and watermelons. Free 2ml bottle of fresh additive.

Uvas Mango Harmony Loco Vapempire

A rich, juicy and pulpy mango with a slight acidic note! Free 2ml bottle of Koolada.