Vape Empire Brew - Lemonade Stand - Tangy Zest 50ml

A zest of yellow lemon mixed with sweet blood orange gives a "spicy" touch to this juice.

Empire Brew - Morning Java - Coffee Choco 50ML

A café au lait made with espresso and hot milk with a touch of chocolate.

Empire Brew - Morning Java - Latte 50ML

The layers of espresso and steamed milk are blended and topped with a light layer of froth.

Vapempire - Harmony Loco - Apple Salacca 50ML

A sweet and tart blend of green apple. Free 2ml bottle of freshness additive.

Vapempire - Harmony Loco - Berry Pear 50ML

The tempting combination of red berries and juicy pear. Free 2ml bottle of Koolada additive.