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Dinner Lady - Mint Tobacco 50ml

A blend of smoked tobacco complemented by frosted mint containing fragrant notes of eucalyptus for balanced flavours.

Don Cristo - XO 50ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

Don Cristo - Coffee 50ML

The delicious flavour of a full-bodied coffee with the award-winning Don Cristo.

Vape Empire Brew - Lemonade Stand - Tangy Zest 50ml

A zest of yellow lemon mixed with sweet blood orange gives a "spicy" touch to this juice.

Full Moon - Red 50ML

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Full Moon - Green 50ML

Explosive lemon and lime cocktail with pineapple and a hint of ginger !

Full Moon - Dark 50ML

Surprising mix of black grapes and green apple.

PachaMama - Blood Orange Banana ICE 50ml

An exquisite blend of blood orange, sweet banana and tart redcurrant !

Air Factory - Blue Razz 50ML

A selection of divine blue raspberries exploding in the mouth and letting out a soft acidity followed closely by a subtle freshness.

3Baccos - Jakarta 50ML

A fresh and refreshing mint taste with hints of tobacco.

3Baccos - Lima 50ML

A classic flavor, a creamy and delicious blend complemented by notes of tobacco.

Koncept XIX - Blood Sukka 50ML

Enjoy a delicious blend of red fruits, cherry, anise and eucalyptus with vampire vape blood sukka.