Caramel Tobacco Dinner Lady 50ml

Blend of several types of tobacco leaves with a vanilla caramel cream, the gourmet classic par excellence!

Mint Tobacco Dinner Lady 50ml

A blend of smoked tobacco complemented by frosted mint containing fragrant notes of eucalyptus for balanced flavours.

Cafe Tobacco Dinner Lady 50ml

A tobacco with a woody flavour fused with a layer of coffee.

French Dude 100ML

Delicious French-style French toast, sprinkled with fresh blueberries and topped with whipped cream and maple syrup make you dizzy.

Green - Full Moon TPD (FR)

An explosive lemon and lime cocktail with pineapple and a hint of ginger.

Purple - Full Moon TPD (FR)

A fruity and subtle alliance of grape and apple.

Red - Full Moon TPD (FR)

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Horny Sour Mango 55ML

Association of mango with a fresh touch of lemon.

Horny Pomberry 55ML

Tastes like strawberry, melon, and mangosteen.

Don Cristo XO 50ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

Don Cristo Coffee 50ML

The delicious flavour of a full-bodied coffee with the award-winning Don Cristo.

Tobacco & Honey Pirate Vape Empire Brew 50ML

Rich tobacco with hints of sweet honey that make a unique and complex flavor.

Yummy Guava Fcukin Flava 50ML

The taste of guava with a refreshing touch of menthol.

Don Cristo Pistachio 50ml

A beautiful Cuban Classic flavor that has benefited from 90 days of steepness with a note of pistachio that makes this liquid greedy !

Tangy Zest Lemonade Stand - Empire Brew

A zest of yellow lemon mixed with sweet blood orange gives a "spicy" touch to this juice.

Apple & Cinnamon Gravy Rings - Nom Nomz

Icing sugar donuts filled with apples and a touch of cinnamon.

Seville Caramel Gravy Rings - Nom Nomz

A delicious brioche flavoured with Seville orange and caramel glaze.

Honey Flakes Mojito Dessert 50ML

Corn Flakes drizzled with honey for an irresistible gourmet juice.

Red Full Moon 50ML

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Green Full Moon 50ML

Explosive lemon and lime cocktail with pineapple and a hint of ginger !

Purple Full Moon 50ML

A fruity and subtle alliance of grape and apple.

Dark Full Moon 50ML

Surprising mix of black grapes and green apple.

Milk & Cookies 100ml Kilo Black Series

A delicious chocolate chip cookie dipped in a large bowl of creamy milk.

Birthday Cake 100ml Kilo Black Series

A succulent cake with cream icing, sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.

Ice Cream Sandwich 100ml Kilo White Series

Perfect combination of a delicious vanilla ice cream and a chocolate cookie.

Blueberry Raspberry Lemon 100ml Fruit Monster

A tasty mix of blueberries, sweet raspberries, and a touch of tangy lemon.

Mango Guava 100ml Fruit Monster

A wonderful blend of peaches, sweet mangoes and juicy guava !

Strawberry Kiwi 100ml Fruit Monster

A blend of freshly picked strawberries, refreshing kiwis and sweet pomegranates.

VCT 100ML Ripe Vapes

An e-liquid that combines vanilla flavors with classic blond aroma, all enhanced by a delicious custard bed.

Blood Orange Banana ICE PachaMama 50ml

An exquisite blend of blood orange, sweet banana and tart redcurrant !

Strawberry Guava ICE PachaMama 50ml

A delicious and extremely refreshing blend of ripe strawberries, pink guava and the sweet flavour of jackfruit.

Hypnose Full Moon 50ML

A mix of red fruit cotton candy, violet & blueberry with a hint of freshness.

Melon Lush Air Factory

A decadent mix in which various varieties of melons are mixed together.

Kookie Krunch Air Factory

On top of a delicious crunchy biscuit comes a creamy whipped cream...

Vazooka 3Bubbles

Bubble Gum, the unique, the timeless, the incomparable.

Pear Açai ICE PachaMama 50ml

A succulent blend of flavours reminiscent of a delicious bowl of juicy, fresh acai berry fruit.

Raspberry Yuzu ICE PachaMama 50ml

Tasty mix of passion fruit, raspberry and yuzu with a touch of freshness.

Morning Java Coffee Choco Empire Brew

A café au lait made with espresso and hot milk with a touch of chocolate.

Morning Java Latte Empire Brew

The layers of espresso and steamed milk are blended and topped with a light layer of froth.

Apple Salacca Harmony Loco Vapempire

A sweet and tart blend of green apple. Free 2ml bottle of freshness additive.

Berry Pear Harmony Loco Vapempire

The tempting combination of red berries and juicy pear. Free 2ml bottle of Koolada additive.

Frose Rose Harmony Loco Vapempire

Soft and refreshing combination of strawberries and watermelons. Free 2ml bottle of fresh additive.

Uvas Mango Harmony Loco Vapempire

A rich, juicy and pulpy mango with a slight acidic note! Free 2ml bottle of Koolada.

Heisenberg Koncept XIX 50ML

Vampire Vape's most famous e-liquid, the Heisenberg, is finally available in XXL format !

Blood Sukka Koncept XIX 50ML

Enjoy a delicious blend of red fruits, cherry, anise and eucalyptus with vampire vape blood sukka.