Strapped - Cool Lemon Sherbet - Concentrate 30ML

Complex mix of sweets with fruity notes with a dominance and a first taste of striking fresh lemon hit.

Strapped - Bubblegum Drumstick - Concentrate 30ML

A combination of traditional bubble gum and multi-fruit lollipop!

Strapped - Strawberry Sour Belts - Concentrate 30ML

Tart strawberry candy blend, with a dominance of ripe strawberries and a sparkling note.

Strapped - Rhubarb and Custard - Concentrate 30ML

A complex dessert with vanilla-flavoured custard, soft and creamy, with hints of rhubarb on top.

Strapped - Sour Apple Refresher - Concentrate 30ML

A crisp apple flavour dominates over sweet sorbet notes with a tangy finish with sparkling sensations.

Strapped - Super Rainbow Candy - Concentrate 30ML

A mix of fruity sweets, well blended and balanced fruit with a sweet dominance.