Don Cristo - Classic 50ML

Intense E-liquid with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo - Classic - Concentrate 30ML

Intense Aroma with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo - XO - Concentrate 30ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

Joy - Mango - Concentrate 30ML

A typical Malaysian mango that is both fresh and ultra-sweet !

Joy - Orange Strawberry Melon - Concentrate 30ML

An exceptional blend of orange melon and strawberry. Ultra fresh and sweet.

Rope Cut - Shellback - Concentrate 30ML

Sit back and evoke memories as you enjoy this blend of classic and green apple with graham cracker notes.

Rope Cut - Santo Domingo - Concentrate 30ML

Sail across the ocean and enjoy this extravagant classic blend infused with cinnamon and coconut.

Rope Cut - Dark Thirty - Concentrate 30ML

A rich blend of classic grape and plum classics with a hint of rum.

Rope Cut - Loose Canon - Concentrate 30ML

Let yourself go with this clever blend of nutty and classic, complemented by a creamy caramel flavour.

Rope Cut - Skipper - Concentrate 30ML

Very smooth and creamy, a perfect balance between a blend of classic aromas and delicious custard.

Rope Cut - Merrimack - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet classic blend that combines mint and vanilla notes.

Dr. Fog Finest - Blue - Concentrate 30ML

A freshly baked rhubarb blueberry cake straight from the oven. A sweet dessert for cake lovers.

Dr. Fog Finest - Cereal - Concentrate 30ML

A rich breakfast is essential. Crispy corn flakes, fruity raspberries and fresh milk. The day can begin!

Dr. Fog Finest - Heaven - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet melon mixed with cucumbers and limes. A fruity and creamy aroma!

Dr. Fog Finest - Hustle - Concentrate 30ML

A deliciously creamy ice cream with a strong note of espresso.

Rope Cut - Arcadia - Concentrate 30ML

A perfect blend of RY4 tobacco, caramel and nuts, including roasted hazelnuts, pecans and fresh walnuts.

Rope Cut - Black Beard - Concentrate 30ML

A perfect combination of RY4 tobacco, almond and vanilla.