Maori - Honu - Concentrate 10ml

An ice-cold peach and a tasty lychee will refresh Maori hunters.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Blue Label - Concentrate 30ML

Fcukin Flava's The Cream Series will delight fans of sweet, creamy cheesecake.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Red Label - Concentrate 30ML

A creamy, slightly caramelized banana flavour, a touch of hazelnut, the magic of great aromas.

Fcukin Flava - Low Menthol - Fcukin Munkey - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of Melon and Sweet Mint, subtly sweetened with Bubble Gum and Green Banana.

Fcukin Flava - Low Menthol - Philippines Mango - Concentrate 30ML

An e-liquid with a sweet mango taste from the Philippines with a hint of pineapple for balance with a light menthol.

Fcukin Flava - Yummay Guava - Concentrate 30ML

Sweet and sour taste of pink guava with a touch of refreshing menthol.

Paso Fino - Concentrate 30ML

A beautiful combination of pineapple and mangoes to offer a perfect exotic cocktail, fresh and full of flavour.

Cloud Niners - Honeydew - Concentrate 30ML

Taste of yellow melon. A refreshing vapour that will remind us of summer !

Cloud Niners - Piñacolada - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of pineapple and coconut cream, enhanced by a hint of freshness.

Full Moon - Blue - Concentrate 10ml

Fruity and surprising, Full Moon's Blue is a cocktail of banana, peach and bubblegum !

Full Moon - Red - Concentrate 10ml

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Full Moon - Dark - Concentrate 10ml

An excellent blend of black cherry, currants, raspberries and wild strawberries in a frosty cocktail. Full Moon will sublimate your summer !

Full Moon - Pink - Concentrate 10ml

Pink is a delicate combination of lychee and rose, enhanced by freshness.

Full Moon - Hypnose - Concentrate 30ml

A mix of red fruit cotton candy, violet & blueberry with a hint of freshness.

Full Moon - Red - Concentrate 30ml

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Full Moon - Dark - Concentrate 30ml

Powerful flavours of black cherries, tart currants, garden strawberries and wild strawberries.

Full Moon - Blue - Concentrate 30ml

Fruity and surprising, Full Moon's Blue is a cocktail of banana, peach and bubblegum !

Full Moon - Gold - Concentrate 10ml

A blend of ripe, tangy fruit with a hint of mango and pineapple and a touch of koolada.

Full Moon - Silver - Concentrate 10ml

Pears, the sweetness of the dragon fruit, stimulated by the spiciness of the cactus.

Full Moon - Hypnose - Concentrate 10ml

A mix of red fruit cotton candy, violet & blueberry with a hint of freshness.

Maori - Wera - Concentrate 10ml

It's a mix of pineapple and guava with an incredible freshness.

Maori - Haka - Concentrate 10ml

A base of passion fruit, pineapple and watermelon all fresh and well.

Maori - Moko - Concentrate 10ml

An explosive, frosty mix of cactus, succulent ripe strawberries and lemon.

Maori - Faì - Concentrate 10ml

Green tea infused with hibiscus flower sublimated by notes of fresh mint.

Maya - Anoki - Concentrate 10ml

Tasty red apple married with the acidity of lemon and sublimated with a delicious refreshing cactus juice.

Maya - Kimi - Concentrate 10ml

Taste the freshness of a strawberry, a lemon and a kiwi in this elixir.

Maya - Tizu - Concentrate 10ml

Taste the freshness of a peach, lime and apricot in this elixir.

Fcukin flava - X Series - Morning Crunchies - Concentrate 30ML

As delicious as your cereal in milk, this juice will seduce even the most gourmet. Sweet, Milky, Creamy, Perfect!

Fcukin flava - Freezy Mango - Concentrate 30ML

Green, tangy and sweet mango taste with the power of mint, a perfect balance for your taste buds.

Ossem - American Melon - Concentrate 10ML

A fresh fruit salad composed of melon, watermelon and freshly picked mint ...

Ossem - British Berry - Concentrate 10ML

A delicious and refreshing taste of grape and blackcurrant juice.

Ossem - Japanese Peach - Concentrate 10ML

A delicious freshly squeezed peach juice, the team's favourite!

Ossem - Malaysian Mango - Concentrate 10ML

Delicious flavour of extra-fresh mango juice will seduce you and excite your taste buds at every bite.

Tropika - Amazon - Concentrate 10ML

Indulge in an oasis of incredibly refreshing tropical flavours with a clever blend of red fruits, white peaches and nashi pear.

Tropika - Montecristo - Concentrate 10ML

The Tropika range makes you travel again with a good taste of grape mix.

Empire Brew - Pirates - Vanilla Tobacco - Concentrate 10ML

Tobacco flavour with a hint of custard vanilla that makes it very tasty.

Empire Brew - Pirates - Honey Tobacco - Concentrate 10ML

Rich tobacco with hints of sweet honey that make a unique and complex flavor.

NU Fruit - Pineapple Ice - Concentrate 30ML

Pineapple is an ultra-fruity tropical flavour that captures the beautiful flavours of pineapple with a touch of freshness.

NU Fruit - Pear Ice - Concentrate 30ML

Perfectly accomplished, in mouth it will give you the impression to have crunched in the very juicy and ultra fresh fruit!

NU Fruit - Grape Ice - Concentrate 30ML

Frosted freshness so pleasant that you'll want more without mentioning its delicious grape taste.

Ossem - Jackfruit Pineapple - Concentrate 10ML

The perfect blend of jackfruit and pineapple. A very tropical juice.

Full Moon - Happy - Concentrate 10ml

Savvy mix of red fruit, apple with a fresh touch of lemon.

Full Moon - Happy - Concentrate 30ml

Savvy mix of red fruit, apple with a fresh touch of lemon.

Maya - Luna - Concentrate 10ml

Wake up your taste buds with a delicious lemon-grapefruit diabolo cocktail combined with the sweetness of lychee.

Maori - Taïka - Concentrate 10ml

The pep of the lemon, the sweetness of the strawberry and the exoticism of the lychee for a taste of the most greedy.

Vapempire - Donut Puff - Blueberry - Concentrate 20ml (LongFill)

A delicious donut with freshly picked blueberries that will make you salivate.

Vapempire - Donut Puff - Strawberry - Concentrate 20ml (LongFill)

A doughnut filled with wild strawberries and glazed with sugar for the delight of gourmets !

Full Moon - Full Fresh - Additif 10ML

Full Fresh is the magic ingredient that makes your full moon so fresh and so good !

Fantastic - Wild Berries - Concentrate 10ML

A fruity aroma that perfectly captures the taste of delicious wild berries accompanied by a note of freshness.

Fantastic - Blackcurrant Lychee - Concentrate 10ML

Succulent and fruity with a delicious taste of blackcurrant and lychee !

Fantastic - Mojito Lemonade - Concentrate 10ML

Cocktail flavour that perfectly captures the taste of a delicious lime mojito !