Vampire Vape - Pinkman - Concentrate 30ML

Concentrated Pink man aroma by Vampire Vape, a fresh orange, grapefruit and lemon flavour.

Vampire Vape - Heisenberg - Concentrate 30ML

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape, a secret recipe that's hard to describe. You will love its fruity and fresh taste.

Flavour Boss - Pink Lemonade - Concentrate 30ML

Magnificent blend of mint lemonade with a hint of red fruits.

Flavour Boss - Blackcurrant Tunes - Concentrate 30ML

Perfect fusion of blackcurrant, mint and eucalyptus to offer an unforgettable taste.

Flavour Boss - Monster Melons - Concentrate 30ML

Refreshing blend of Mango, Papaya, Cantaloupe with a slight hint of sugar.

Flavour Boss - Mr Crocs - Concentrate 30ML

Refreshing energy drink with guava, pineapple and grape.

Flavour Boss - Krispie Treats - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious recipe of puffed rice with a few marshmallows and fruity cereals !

Flavour Boss - Boss Reserve - Concentrate 30ML

A gourmet blend made with cereals and walnut chips, all in a large bowl of fresh milk and topped with honey.

Flavour Boss - Fresca - Concentrate 30ML

Watermelon juice granite mixed with ripe strawberry sorbet.

Flavour Boss - Muffin Man - Concentrate 30ML

A unique blend of sweet apples when inhaled, followed by a savoury muffin taste with hints of cinnamon when exhaled ... a pure delight.

Flavour Boss - Biscuit Eater - Concentrate 30ML

Rich biscuits mixed with a delicious vanilla custard and whipped cream.

DIY or DIE x Chefs Flavors - Rhodonite - Concentrate 30ML

A raspberry apple macaroon with a touch of icing sugar and almond.

DIY or DIE x Chefs Flavors - Misty - Concentrate 30ML

A mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that is both fresh and sweet and will remind you of your playground tastes.

Just Jam - Raspberry - Concentrate 30ML

Doughnut filled with raspberry jam... a real delight !

Just Jam - Scone - Concentrate 30ML

A flavor of English Scone (small cakes halfway between bread and brioche) with raspberry jam.

Just Jam - Toast - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious butter toast flavour with a sweet, ripe strawberry jam.

Nom Nomz - Nutter Custard - Concentrate 30ML

A creamy custard and its peanut butter for a gourmet harmony !

Nom Nomz - Nom Bongo - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious, addictive tropical cocktail of peach, papaya and mango.

Lolly Vape Co - Rock it - Concentrate 30ML

Rock It by Lolly Vape Co is inspired by this famous rocket-shaped fruity ice cream where the flavours of raspberry, lime and strawberry are perfectly blended.

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and a raspberry comes this perfect match.

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It On Ice - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and raspberry comes this perfect match with a touch of freshness.

Lolly Vape Co - Rock it On Ice - Concentrate 30ML

Rock It On Ice by Lolly Vape Co is inspired by this famous rocket-shaped fruity ice cream where the flavours of raspberry, lime and strawberry are perfectly blended...

The Custard Company - Choco Custard Donuts - Concentrate 30ML

A beautifully balanced chocolate donut with a touch of custard, neither too fat nor too sweet !

The Custard Company x Jammin Vape - Blueberry Custard - Concentrate 30ML

A collaboration between The Custard Company and the jam specialist: Jammin Vape Co. in limited edition.

Pancake Factory - Snikkers - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious taste of peanut chocolate and caramel pancake.

Pancake Factory - Lemon Soufflé - Concentrate 30ML

Take a delicious pancake dough as a base and add lemon and bake it in the shape of a soufflé. Delicious !

Pancake Factory - Blueberry - Concentrate 30ML

A liquid with the flavour of a good juicy and sweet blueberry pancake, all covered with a good whipped cream.

Frappe - Mocha - Concentrate 30ML

A somber blend of robustness and lightness, the essence of an artisanal chocolate coupled with coffee for an unequalled result.

Frappe - Vanilla Latte - Concentrate 30ML

Gourmet concentrate with the subtle aromas of fresh, creamy and vanilla coffee.

Frappe - White Chocolate Mocha - Concentrate 30ML

The strength of the coffee and the sweetness of the chocolate are accompanied by a light touch of menthol for a very invigorating finish.

Pukka Juice - Pineapple - Concentrate 30ML

An astonishingly realistic pineapple flavour, find a fresh, sweet and juicy pineapple in your mouth!

Pukka Juice - Mint - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of fresh mint and sweet at the same time, with a hint of vanilla.

Pukka Juice - Lemon & Lime - Concentrate 30ML

The effect of Sprite but with a richer lemony association (lime - yellow lemon).

Pancake Factory - Summer Berries - Concentrate 30ML

If you're looking for a taste of pastry mixed with summer berries, this is a perfect choice inspired by a classic American breakfast.

OHMBOY - Apple, Elderflower & Mint - Concentrate 30ML

An appetizing apple infused with fresh spearmint and subtly enhanced with floral notes of elderflower for a soft and refreshing vapour.

OHMBOY - Valencia Orange & Passion fruit - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect marriage of a ripe, flowery orange with a touch of passion fruit.

Joe's Juice - Cold Finger - Lemonade - Concentrate 30ML

A refreshing concentrate with a delicious taste of iced lemonade.

Dinner Lady - HeisenLady - Concentrate 30ML

HeisenLady delicious berries mixed with a breath of ice to give you a fresh fruity taste.

Strapped - Cool Lemon Sherbet - Concentrate 30ML

Complex mix of sweets with fruity notes with a dominance and a first taste of striking fresh lemon hit.

Strapped - Strawberry Sour Belts - Concentrate 30ML

Tart strawberry candy blend, with a dominance of ripe strawberries and a sparkling note.

Strapped - Rhubarb and Custard - Concentrate 30ML

A complex dessert with vanilla-flavoured custard, soft and creamy, with hints of rhubarb on top.

Strapped - Sour Apple Refresher - Concentrate 30ML

A crisp apple flavour dominates over sweet sorbet notes with a tangy finish with sparkling sensations.

Strapped - Super Rainbow Candy - Concentrate 30ML

A mix of fruity sweets, well blended and balanced fruit with a sweet dominance.