Marshmallow Man 1 - Concentrate 30ML

A 100% marshmallow cake.  Hit of the confectionery to be vaper, super-creamy superhero, it's obviously the Marshmallow Man !

Marshmallow Man 2 - Concentrate 30ML

Marshmallow Man 2 offers sweet marshmallow notes with a delicious custard.

Tobac King - Vanilla Custard - Concentrate 30ML

Sweet American tobacco mixed with the fondant of a sweet vanilla custard !

Tobac King - Cuban - Concentrate 30ML

Perfectly restores the full-bodied side of the cigar and will delight all lovers of good old Havana.

Milk King - Chocolate - Concentrate 30ML

Take some sweet dark chocolate and mix it with a creamy milk to create a delicious chocolate milk vapour !

Milk King - Honey - Concentrate 30ML

Fields of marshmallow surround you, the sky becomes overcast and sweet milk starts to rain.

Steep Vapor - Cinna Pop Deez - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent caramelized popcorn with a hint of cinnamon, a real treat !

Mad Man - Crazy Watermelon - Concentrate 30ML

One of the best watermelons on the market, both sour and sweet.

Kilo - White Series - White Choc Strawberry - Concentrate 30ML

Fresh strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate for an irresistible blend of flavours.

Kilo - White Series - Ice Cream Sandwich - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect combination of delicious vanilla ice cream and a chocolate cookie.

Kilo - Moo Series - Strawberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect combination of delicious strawberries and fresh milk. A fruity and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Neapolitan Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A gourmet combination of chocolate, strawberry, and milk... a real delight.

Kilo - Moo Series - Vanilla Almond Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious vanilla milk sublimated by a few almonds and roasted hazelnuts.

Kilo - Moo Series - Banana Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious banana flambé mixed in fresh milk... a delicious and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Blueberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

Imagine a large bowl of milk in which succulent blueberries, both sweet and tart, are bathed.

Vape Flurry - Concentrate 30ML

It's a recipe that mixes the creaminess of ice cream with the sweetness of a milkshake and the crunch of cookie chunks.

Villa - Concentrate 30ML

This famous American cookie, intensely flavoured with vanilla, is accompanied by a large bowl of fresh milk for a recipe with a sweetness that will make you...

Kilo - Classic Series - Fruit Whip - Concentrate 30ML

Pears, apples, red fruits and tropical fruits blend together in this fruit basket sublimated by a note of whipped cream !

Kilo - Classic Series - Cereal Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A bowl of fresh milk and fruity cereal topped with cream. A great classic!

Kilo - Black Series - Apple Pie - Concentrate 30ML

Delicious caramelized apples sprinkled with a light touch of cinnamon on a tasty puff pastry.

Kilo - Black Series - Honey Cream - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet vanilla ice cream with honey and toasted walnuts caramel !

I Love Candy Blue Raspberry - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious candy with a sparkling raspberry taste that will brighten your taste buds in an instant.

I Love Candy Rainbow - Concentrate 30ML

Mad Hatter impresses with a delicious fruity candy with a sweet cherry flavour and a tangy lemon note.

I Love Cookies - Concentrate 30ML

I Love Cookies from Mad Hatter Juice is a delicious cookie mix dipped in ice milk with a hint of creamy strawberry and a drizzle of caramel.

I Love Donuts Blueberry - Concentrate 30ML

A flavour of the famous American pastry so much appreciated with a subtle hint of blueberries.

Candy King - Sour Worms - Concentrate 30ML

Sour Worms is a succulent over-acidulated candy in which orange, lemon, strawberry, raspberry and cherry flavours are blended: a real return to childhood !

Vape Pink - Swirl - Concentrate 30ML

An irresistible blend of whipped lemon, orange and lime flavours.

Kilo - Sour Series - Strawberry - Concentrate 30ML

The wild strawberry in all its states. A sweet and sour strawberry on exhalation.

Kilo - Sour Series - Rainbow - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet blend of pineapple, strawberry, lemon and blue raspberries.

Kilo - Fruit Series - Dewberry Fruit - Concentrate 30ML

A honeyed flavour combined with a mix of strawberries and blueberries.

Air Factory - Blue Razz - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent blend of delicious fruit and blue raspberry candies.

Air Factory - Krunch - Concentrate 30ML

A melting, vanilla and slightly sweetened dough, where a few dark chocolate chips swirl around...

Air Factory - Nilla Craze - Concentrate 30ML

With the Custard Craze, Air Factory has succeeded in creating a vanilla custard of great finesse.

Bomb Sauce - AK-47 - Concentrate 30ML

A peach, banana and strawberry flavoured smoothie that will amaze you every time !

Kilo - Candy Series - Green O's - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet apple candy with a perfect balance of fruit and sweetness.

Mad Hatter - ADE - Blue - Concentrate 30ML

Enjoy a succulent blueberry drink, very fresh and sweet!

Mad Hatter - ADE - Red - Concentrate 30ML

Takes you to the tropics and offers you a taste of tropical punch, a fresh and exotic aroma !

Elysian Labs - Gambler - Concentrate 30ML

Great fruity mix: passion fruit, tart oranges, succulent guavas and sun-ripened strawberries !

Elysian Labs - K - Concentrate 30ML

A bowl of cereal milk with pieces of juicy strawberries. The best seller of the range !

Element - Blood Orange - Concentrate 30ML

Blood Orange captures the vibrant and colourful essence of Italian and Spanish flavours.

Element - Strawberry Whip + Banana Nut - Concentrate 30ML

A flavour of a strawberry mix with sweet whipped cream and a banana covered with a hazelnut coulis.

Element - Pink Lemonade - Concentrate 30ML

Alloy of lemonade, red berries for the "pink" side and light citrus fruits.

Element - Hazelnut Tobacco - Concentrate 30ML

A powerful classic blend (Turkish) flavour with crunchy hazelnuts and praline.

Element - 555 Tobacco - Concentrate 30ML

On a base of virginia-type blond tobacco are added flavours of hazelnuts, almonds and light pistachios. Its vanilla caramel will soften the flavours.

Element - Watermelon Chill - Concentrate 30ML

The sweetness of the watermelon is refreshed by a hint of mint. This combination of juicy fruits sublimated with a fresh note !

VGOD - Lushice - Concentrate 30ML

Lush Ice is a watermelon flavour with hints of melon and a final note of fresh menthol.

VGOD - Cubano - Concentrate 30ML

Cuban cigar flavor therefore with a creamy vanilla taste, which combines with the taste of fresh and abundant Cuban tobacco.

VGOD - Mango Bomb - Concentrate 30ML

An explosion of tropical flavour resulting from a deliciously balanced mango combined with sweetness !