Milk King - Chocolate - Concentrate 30ML

Take some sweet dark chocolate and mix it with a creamy milk to create a delicious chocolate milk vapour !

Milk King - Cereal - Concentrate 30ML

A bowl of fresh milk and fruity cereal topped with cream.

Milk King - Honey - Concentrate 30ML

Fields of marshmallow surround you, the sky becomes overcast and sweet milk starts to rain.

Vape Flurry - Concentrate 30ML

It's a recipe that mixes the creaminess of ice cream with the sweetness of a milkshake and the crunch of cookie chunks.

Villa - Concentrate 30ML

This famous American cookie, intensely flavoured with vanilla, is accompanied by a large bowl of fresh milk for a recipe with a sweetness that will make you...

Kilo - Classic Series - Cereal Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A bowl of fresh milk and fruity cereal topped with cream. A great classic!

Bomb Sauce - Classic Peppermint - Concentrate 30ML

Copying to perfection a barley sugar (lollipop) with peppermint.

Kilo - Candy Series - Green O's - Concentrate 30ML

A sweet apple candy with a perfect balance of fruit and sweetness.

Mad Hatter - ADE - Blue - Concentrate 30ML

Enjoy a succulent blueberry drink, very fresh and sweet!

Mad Hatter - ADE - Red - Concentrate 30ML

Takes you to the tropics and offers you a taste of tropical punch, a fresh and exotic aroma !

Element - Blood Orange - Concentrate 30ML

Blood Orange captures the vibrant and colourful essence of Italian and Spanish flavours.

Element - Watermelon Chill - Concentrate 30ML

The sweetness of the watermelon is refreshed by a hint of mint. This combination of juicy fruits sublimated with a fresh note !

VGOD - Lushice - Concentrate 30ML

Lush Ice is a watermelon flavour with hints of melon and a final note of fresh menthol.

VGOD - Purple Bomb - Concentrate 30ML

A bunch of freshly squeezed concord grapes, juicy and sweet to perfection. An explosion of realistic flavours that never ends.

VGOD - Mango ICE Bomb - Concentrate 30ML

A fresh explosion of tropical flavour resulting from a deliciously balanced mango combined with sweetness !

VGOD - Purple ICE Bomb - Concentrate 30ML

A bunch of freshly squeezed concord grapes, juicy and sweet to perfection.

FRYD - Funnel Cake - Concentrate 30ML

The Funnel Cake from FRYD is a cross between churros and donuts!

TWIST - Pepino - Concentrate 30ML

Pepino Twist is a flavor that comes from the minds of the master mixologists who brought you beloved favorites such as Pink Punch Lemonade and Watermelon Madness.

TWIST - Berry - Concentrate 30ML

A lemonade with dominant notes of wild blackberries and blueberries grown in Southern California..

NAKED100 - All Melon - Concentrate 30ML

A refreshing blend of watermelon with honeydew melon and cantaloupe.

NAKED100 - Hawaiian Pog - Concentrate 30ML

A fresh blend of passion fruit, orange and guava. The fresh and balanced exotic fruit.

NAKED100 - Really Berry - Concentrate 30ML

Enjoy a refreshing blend of blackberries, blueberries and lemon, an explosion of fruity flavours.

NAKED100 - Euro Gold - Concentrate 30ML

Cuban Blend By Naked 100 Tobacco is flavorful, medium-bodied and aromatic, with a skillfully balanced composition of the best tobacco from the Caribbean.

The Mamasan - A.S.A.P - Concentrate 30ML

A Sour Candy mix of Green Apple, Sweet Strawberry, and Peach all envelopped with a cool exhale.

Graham Slam - Golden Slam - Concentrate 30ML

A crunchy golden graham cracker mixed with a delicious, creamy glass of milk !

The Mamasan - Super Cereal - Concentrate 30ML

The ultimate blend of your favorite colorful sugar-coated cereals without the milk !

Element- Green Apple - Concentrate 30ML

All the crispness you'd expect from a Granny Smith apple in a juice that's always in season.

The Mamasan - Mama Melon - Concentrate 30ML

Fresh Honeydew Melon, Hami Melon and lots and lots of Vanilla Cream.

ONE UP - Strawberry Cheesecake - Concentrate 30ML

Sweet strawberries mixed with a creamy classic cheesecake flavor.

ONE UP - Sour Belts - Concentrate 30ML

The classic green apple and strawberry slices, straight from the candy store.

ONE UP - Orgasm - Concentrate 30ML

Watermelon and guava and a secret blend of tropical fruits.

ONE UP - Orgasm ICE - Concentrate 30ML

A combination of guava, watermelon and peach, all frosted!