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Marshmallow Man 1 - Concentrate 30ML

A 100% marshmallow cake.  Hit of the confectionery to be vaper, super-creamy superhero, it's obviously the Marshmallow Man !

Marshmallow Man 2 - Concentrate 30ML

Marshmallow Man 2 offers sweet marshmallow notes with a delicious custard.

Marshmallow Man 3 - Concentrate 30ML

Marshmallow Man 3 combines sweet, whipped marshmallows with sweet, tangy ripe...

Smoking Bull - Royal Hawk - Concentrate 10ML

The power of wild berries with a fresh mint chewing gum flavour.

Smoking Bull - Honey Woodruff - Concentrate 10ML

A classic flavour that will surprise you with its notes of honey and woodruff or fragrant...

French Dude 100ML

Delicious French-style French toast, sprinkled with fresh blueberries and topped with whipped cream and maple syrup make you dizzy.

Full Moon - Green - 10ML TPD (FR)

An explosive lemon and lime cocktail with pineapple and a hint of ginger.

Full Moon - Red - 10ML TPD (FR)

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Full Moon - Purple - 10ML TPD (FR)

A fruity and subtle alliance of grape and apple.

FRYD - Cream Cake - Concentrate 30ML

A kind of lightly browned doughnut filled with creamy chocolate.

Steep Vapor - Cinna Pop Deez - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent caramelized popcorn with a hint of cinnamon, a real treat !

Don Cristo - Classic 50ML

Intense E-liquid with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo - Classic - Concentrate 30ML

Intense Aroma with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo - XO 50ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

Don Cristo - XO - Concentrate 30ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

MR Pastry - Mille Feuille - Concentrate 30ML

A vanilla cream interspersed with a puff pastry with sponge cake.

Joy - Mango - Concentrate 30ML

A typical Malaysian mango that is both fresh and ultra-sweet !

Joy - Orange Strawberry Melon - Concentrate 30ML

An exceptional blend of orange melon and strawberry. Ultra fresh and sweet.

MR Pastry - Croissant - Concentrate 30ML

Discover a buttered croissant straight from your baker's oven.

Mad Man - Crazy Watermelon - Concentrate 30ML

One of the best watermelons on the market, both sour and sweet.

Dark Burner - Black Tiger - Concentrate 10ML

Watermelon, strawberry in a balanced mixture with a good dose of Koolada.

Dark Burner - Kryptonit II - Concentrate 10ML

A very fresh aroma mixing woodruff and menthol, a surprising enchantment.

Vampire Vape - Pinkman - Concentrate 30ML

Concentrated Pink man aroma by Vampire Vape, a fresh orange, grapefruit and lemon flavour.

Vampire Vape - Heisenberg - Concentrate 30ML

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape, a secret recipe that's hard to describe. You will love its fruity and fresh taste.

Flavour Boss - Blackcurrant Tunes - Concentrate 30ML

Perfect fusion of blackcurrant, mint and eucalyptus to offer an unforgettable taste.

Flavour Boss - Monster Melons - Concentrate 30ML

Refreshing blend of Mango, Papaya, Cantaloupe with a slight hint of sugar.

Flavour Boss - Krispie Treats - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious recipe of puffed rice with a few marshmallows and fruity cereals !

Flavour Boss - Boss Reserve - Concentrate 30ML

A gourmet blend made with cereals and walnut chips, all in a large bowl of fresh milk and topped with honey.

Flavour Boss - Muffin Man - Concentrate 30ML

A unique blend of sweet apples when inhaled, followed by a savoury muffin taste with hints of cinnamon when exhaled ... a pure delight.

Flavour Boss - Biscuit Eater - Concentrate 30ML

Rich biscuits mixed with a delicious vanilla custard and whipped cream.

Dampflion - Blue - Concentrate 20ML

A juicy peach and a ripe banana are the perfect match for a Bubble Gum Cream.

Dampflion - Pink - Concentrate 20ML

A subtle blend of peach, cucumber and vanilla with a hint of freshness.

DIY or DIE x Chefs Flavors - Misty - Concentrate 30ML

A mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that is both fresh and sweet and will remind you of your playground tastes.

Kilo - Black Series - Birthday Cake - Concentrate 30ML

A succulent cake with cream icing, sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.

Kilo - White Series - White Choc Strawberry - Concentrate 30ML

Fresh strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate for an irresistible blend of flavours.

Kilo - White Series - Ice Cream Sandwich - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect combination of delicious vanilla ice cream and a chocolate cookie.

Don Cristo - Coffee 50ML

The delicious flavour of a full-bodied coffee with the award-winning Don Cristo.

Kilo - Moo Series - Strawberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

The perfect combination of delicious strawberries and fresh milk. A fruity and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Neapolitan Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A gourmet combination of chocolate, strawberry, and milk... a real delight.

Kilo - Moo Series - Vanilla Almond Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious vanilla milk sublimated by a few almonds and roasted hazelnuts.

Kilo - Moo Series - Banana Milk - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious banana flambé mixed in fresh milk... a delicious and refreshing smoothie !

Kilo - Moo Series - Blueberry Milk - Concentrate 30ML

Imagine a large bowl of milk in which succulent blueberries, both sweet and tart, are bathed.

Vape Empire Brew - Pirates - Tobacco & Vanilla 50ML

Tobacco flavour with a hint of French vanilla that makes it very tasty.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Blue Label - Concentrate 30ML

Fcukin Flava's The Cream Series will delight fans of sweet, creamy cheesecake.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Red Label - Concentrate 30ML

A creamy, slightly caramelized banana flavour, a touch of hazelnut, the magic of great aromas.

Fcukin Flava - Cream - Yellow Label - Concentrate 30ML

A rich and creamy taste, caramel butter, vanilla, brown sugar, a gourmet high-end e-liquid signed Fcukin Flava !

Just Jam - Raspberry - Concentrate 30ML

Doughnut filled with raspberry jam... a real delight !

Just Jam - Scone - Concentrate 30ML

A flavor of English Scone (small cakes halfway between bread and brioche) with raspberry jam.

Just Jam - Toast - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious butter toast flavour with a sweet, ripe strawberry jam.

Fcukin Flava - Low Menthol - Fcukin Munkey - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of Melon and Sweet Mint, subtly sweetened with Bubble Gum and Green Banana.

Fcukin Flava - Low Menthol - Philippines Mango - Concentrate 30ML

An e-liquid with a sweet mango taste from the Philippines with a hint of pineapple for balance with a light menthol.

Fcukin Flava - Yummay Guava - Concentrate 30ML

Sweet and sour taste of pink guava with a touch of refreshing menthol.

Paso Fino - Concentrate 30ML

A beautiful combination of pineapple and mangoes to offer a perfect exotic cocktail, fresh and full of flavour.

Cloud Niners - Honeydew - Concentrate 30ML

Taste of yellow melon. A refreshing vapour that will remind us of summer !

Cloud Niners - Piñacolada - Concentrate 30ML

A blend of pineapple and coconut cream, enhanced by a hint of freshness.

Nom Nomz - Nom Bongo - Concentrate 30ML

A delicious, addictive tropical cocktail of peach, papaya and mango.

Just Jam - KSTRD - Concentrate 30ML

Winner of "Best Custard Cream" at VaperExpo Birmingham 2018.

Lolly Vape Co - Rock it - Concentrate 30ML

Rock It by Lolly Vape Co is inspired by this famous rocket-shaped fruity ice cream where the flavours of raspberry, lime and strawberry are perfectly blended.

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and a raspberry comes this perfect match.

Vape Flurry - Concentrate 30ML

It's a recipe that mixes the creaminess of ice cream with the sweetness of a milkshake and the crunch of cookie chunks.

Villa - Concentrate 30ML

This famous American cookie, intensely flavoured with vanilla, is accompanied by a large bowl of fresh milk for a recipe with a sweetness that will make you...

Lolly Vape Co - Twist It On Ice - Concentrate 30ML

A swirl of vanilla ice cream with a hint of lime and raspberry comes this perfect match with a touch of freshness.