Marshmallow Man 1 - Concentré 30ML

A 100% marshmallow cake.  Hit of the confectionery to be vaper, super-creamy superhero, it's obviously the Marshmallow Man !

Marshmallow Man 2 - Concentré 30ML

Marshmallow Man 2 offers sweet marshmallow notes with a delicious custard.

Marshmallow Man 3 - Concentré 30ML

Marshmallow Man 3 combines sweet, whipped marshmallows with sweet, tangy ripe...

Royal Hawk - Smoking Bull

The power of wild berries with a fresh mint chewing gum flavour.

Tante Polly - Smoking Bull

A gourmet and delicious vanilla waffle flavour, a treat !

French Dude 100ML

Delicious French-style French toast, sprinkled with fresh blueberries and topped with whipped cream and maple syrup make you dizzy.

El Presidente concentré - Creme de la Creme

A delicious tropical blend of pineapple, mango with hints of peach and passion fruit!

Caramel Apple concentré - Creme de la creme

A crisp, tangy and juicy green apple dipped in a sweet caramel...

Green - Full Moon TPD (FR)

An explosive lemon and lime cocktail with pineapple and a hint of ginger.

Red - Full Moon TPD (FR)

Mango, pineapple and a mysterious, slightly tart red fruit.

Purple - Full Moon TPD (FR)

A fruity and subtle alliance of grape and apple.

Cream Cake - Fryd Concentré

A kind of lightly browned doughnut filled with creamy chocolate.

Horny Sour Mango 55ML

Association of mango with a fresh touch of lemon.

Horny Pomberry 55ML

Tastes like strawberry, melon, and mangosteen.

Cinna Pop Deez Concentré 30ML

A succulent caramelized popcorn with a hint of cinnamon, a real treat !

Don Cristo 50ML

Intense E-liquid with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo Concentré 30ML

Intense Aroma with the powerful flavours of classic Montecristo cigar.

Don Cristo XO 50ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

Don Cristo XO Concentré 30ML

Fans will be able to find powerful flavours of Cuban classic with a touch of caramel.

MR Pastry Mille Feuille Concentré 30ML

A vanilla cream interspersed with a puff pastry with sponge cake.

Mango Joy Concentré 30ML

A typical Malaysian mango that is both fresh and ultra-sweet !

Orange Strawberry Melon Joy Concentré 30ML

An exceptional blend of orange melon and strawberry. Ultra fresh and sweet.

MR Pastry Croissant Butter Concentré

Discover a buttered croissant straight from your baker's oven.

Crazy Strawberry Mad Man Concentré

An exceptional mix of strawberries that is both sweet and tangy.

Crazy Watermelon Mad Man Concentré

One of the best watermelons on the market, both sour and sweet.

Crazy Lemon Mad Man Concentré

Carefully selected assortment of fresh lemons combining juicy and sweet lemons.

Gourmet Tabak Dark Burner

The perfect classic: combination of vanilla and roasted nuts.

Black Tiger Dark Burner

Watermelon, strawberry in a balanced mixture with a good dose of Koolada.

Kryptonit II Dark Burner

A very fresh aroma mixing woodruff and menthol, a surprising enchantment.

Pinkman Concentré 30ML

Concentrated Pink man aroma by Vampire Vape, a fresh orange, grapefruit and lemon flavour.

Heisenberg concentré 30ML

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape, a secret recipe that's hard to describe. You will love its fruity and fresh taste.

Lunch Ladies Lemon Tart Flavour Boss

A lemon pie with a crispy batter and covered with meringue.

Pink Lemonade Flavour Boss

Magnificent blend of mint lemonade with a hint of red fruits.

Blackcurrant Tunes Flavour Boss

Perfect fusion of blackcurrant, mint and eucalyptus to offer an unforgettable taste.

Monster Melons Flavour Boss

Refreshing blend of Mango, Papaya, Cantaloupe with a slight hint of sugar.

Mr Crocs Flavour Boss

Refreshing energy drink with guava, pineapple and grape.

Krispie Treats Flavour Boss

A delicious recipe of puffed rice with a few marshmallows and fruity cereals !

Boss Reserve Flavour Boss

A gourmet blend made with cereals and walnut chips, all in a large bowl of fresh milk and topped with honey.

Fresca Flavour Boss

Watermelon juice granite mixed with ripe strawberry sorbet.

Muffin Man Flavour Boss

A unique blend of sweet apples when inhaled, followed by a savoury muffin taste with hints of cinnamon when exhaled ... a pure delight.

Tropical Typhoon Flavour Boss

A tasty pineapple/strawberry ice cream with a hint of lime.

Biscuit Eater Flavour Boss

Rich biscuits mixed with a delicious vanilla custard and whipped cream.

Blue Dampflion

A juicy peach and a ripe banana are the perfect match for a Bubble Gum Cream.

Pink Dampflion

A subtle blend of peach, cucumber and vanilla with a hint of freshness.

Rosky DIY or DIE x Chefs Flavor

Marshmallows and sweet cereal in a bowl of strawberry milk.

Rhodonite DIY or DIE

A raspberry apple macaroon with a touch of icing sugar and almond.

Misty DIY or DIE

A mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that is both fresh and sweet and will remind you of your playground tastes.

Milk & Cookies Kilo Classic

Fancy a snack? A chocolate chip cookie, dipped in a glass of milk.

Birthday Cake Kilo Classic

A succulent cake with cream icing, sprinkled with rainbow sprinkles.

White Choc Strawberry Kilo

Fresh strawberries dipped in melted white chocolate for an irresistible blend of flavours.

Ice Cream Sandwich Kilo Classic

The perfect combination of delicious vanilla ice cream and a chocolate cookie.

Don Cristo Coffee 50ML

The delicious flavour of a full-bodied coffee with the award-winning Don Cristo.

Don Cristo Coffee Concentré

The delicious flavour of a full-bodied coffee with the award-winning Don Cristo in a concentrated version !

Strawberry Milk Moo Kilo

The perfect combination of delicious strawberries and fresh milk. A fruity and refreshing smoothie !

Neapolitan Milk Moo Kilo

A gourmet combination of chocolate, strawberry, and milk... a real delight.

Vanilla Almond Milk Moo Kilo

A delicious vanilla milk sublimated by a few almonds and roasted hazelnuts.